Building Restoration in Cittadella

Complet Edil 3 works on the restoration of buildings made from concrete or with concrete elements that have deteriorated over time. We work hard to deliver the perfect aesthetic appearance of every property, whilst maintaining the original features, thereby avoiding potential problems with structures caused by time wear.

Facade Restoration

In walls exposed to atmospheric agents or solicited mechanically, or on entire facade surfaces, phenomena related to plastered rendering (distillation, detachment from the support, etc.) may occur. Complet Edil 4 provides an initial general working of the surfaces in order to preserve the areas to be restored and ensure a perfect foundation for subsequent finishes.

Anti mould and moisture treatments

Complet Edil 4 also offers works for buildings that helps prevent mould and moisture formation. If moisture is generated, this can lead to long-lasting structural problems, this danger must be eliminated through dedicated prevention works.

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