Building tinting in Cittadella

After each resurfacing or renovation project, Complet Edil 3 always recommends a painted finish. With so many years of experience we can suggest the perfect "finish" for your building or project, taking into account dust and smog exposure, rainwater exposure, cavities, and more, and all our painting work takes the aesthetic appearance of the building according to technical-architectural criteria into consideration.

Removing railings

The company carries out the reconditioning of terraces, weathered terraces, sheathing, flooring and railings, and also works on natural stone surfaces, purifying, rebuilding, consolidating and protecting them with dedicated products that leave the original appearance of the surface unchanged.

Types of coating

Complet Edil 3 offers the latest quality materials for coating work such as:
  • Elastoplastomeric cycles (paints and coatings to stem the microcavillature),
  • Armed cycles (cement-based lacquers and fibreglass mesh, for the most important cavities),
  • Cycles with acrylic products (high-water repellent paint and coatings),
  • Mineral cycles with siloxane, hydrosiliconic or potassium silicate coatings and paint (latest materials with different degrees of water repellency and breathability) to the more classical lime based systems and finishes such as marble.

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