30 Years of Experience At Your Service

Founded in 1985, Complet Edil 3 are experts in the field of building renovation and regeneration. We are skilled craftsmen, technically trained to solve a complete range of problems faced by buildings both old and new. We work quickly and efficiently, using quality materials and working with with the most advanced technologies to return every kind of building to a safe, renewed and better-functioning environment.

Complet Edil 3 is made up of a team of qualified personnel, trained to use the latest equipment and technology in their work. We specialise in:
Every aspect of extraordinary and ordinary maintenance:
  • Energy redevelopment
  • External thermo-coating
  • External painting, plastic and mineral coating, protection of natural stones
  • Restoration and resurfacing of facades of civil, industrial, public and historical-monumental buildings
  • Remanufacturing of roofing
  • Conservative restoration and decoration
  • Remodelling external pavements and terraces
  • Turnkey internal renovations

Complet Edil  Nata nel 1985

Examples of our work

Condominio Piave
Piave Condominium
Facade maintenance works (2765 sq m) concrete, balcony, plumbing and waterproofing
Condominio Piazza Insurrezione
Condominium Square Insurrection
Work renovating facades and protecting natural stones
Residence Pineta
Residence Pineta
Concrete restoration and painting of facades
Restoration of wooden parades
Condominio Piazza Castello
Castle Square apartment block
Interior and exterior painting and exterior overlay with cladding
Palazzo Cisl
Palazzo Cisl
External maintenance of facades with antique lacquer and surface overhaul
Condominio Nymphea
Condominio Nymphea
Heat-sealing work on the walls and solar panels with EPS graphite plates added. Intervention with a tax deduction of 55% (on a total of 2000 square metres of facade
And 900 sqm of coverage)


The company has been providing quality services over the years and as such has achieved the following certifications:

SOA category OG1 ranking V
SOA category OS6 ranking II
SOA category OS7 ranking III
SOA category OS8 ranking II
ISO 9001: 2000

These certifications are symptomatic of our high quality work and maintenance of working standards that provide customer guarantees and the highest standards of customer service.

To request a quote for renovation works
You can call +39 049 9402121

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