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Work Warranty

Complet Edil 3 Soc. Coop. Makes interventions in the field of construction respecting the relevant local regulations and providing guarantees in accordance with sectoral rules.

  • Work repaving terraces and backrests: 10 years.
  • Work of Waterproofing and Maintenance of Coating: 10 Years.
  • Decoration works with plaster, paint and varnish products: according to Law.
Extensions of guarantees

At the request of the Client, the warranty provided for by law may be extended to:

  • Works of "thermal insulation" Coating: 10 years.
  • Surface consolidation work with "armed shaving": 7 years.
  • Maintenance and colouring work with "elastomeric product": 7 years.
  • Work decorating facades with plastering: 5 years.

Facilitated financing

Complet Edil 3, thanks to a network of major financial collaborators, provides customers with up to five years of standard and extraordinary maintenance (subject to 36% tax recovery) and energy redevelopment (subject to Tax recovery of 55%) on public and private buildings.

This is the documentation that must be produced to get these benefits:

Declaration of non-morosity
Copy of the Condominial Regulation
Administrator appointment minutes
Annual report of the last three years
Purchase order taken according to the model provided
Declaration of missed appeals of the shareholders' resolution after 30 days
Delegation for the subscription of the agreement and for the request of the loan "Condominium credit"

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